Students’ Protest for Climate Change Awareness

Last Wednesday, a number of our students joined a peaceful protest on campus, organised by staff members from across the College. With a planned march and demonstration on the agenda, it was clear that a large number of the young adults who attended are no longer willing to sit back and say nothing on a subject close to their hearts, many saying they were inspired to join in by the recent climate change demonstrations taking place in London and across the globe.

It was a real team effort, with the staff and students from our Creative Media departments helping
to make placards and props to go along with those produced by the protesting students themselves. It created quite the spectacle on campus.

Louis Wright, Sustainability Officer at BCA explains “Recent polling of our students demonstrates a
growing climate conscience. Overall, our students viewed climate change as a priority, with 61%
saying it was a highly important topic for them. 59% of our students want to do more recycling and produce less waste. Wednesday’s student protest against climate change proves how important it is and why colleges and schools, like ourselves, need to help raise the profile of the debate and ensure we also reduce our own environmental impacts, where possible. As a College, we are already hard at work reviewing our recycling programme, engaging with our catering and waste partners and listening to our students to eliminate waste and improve our environmental performance.

As a College, we purchase the majority of our electricity from a wind energy supplier and also grow and use our own biomass fuel on site, to avoid the use of fossil fuels wherever possible but we’re always looking to the next solution.”

One of the key protest organisers was Animal Management Lecturer, Dr Richard Sands. Reflecting on the success of the day he noted: “It’s great to see the student community coming together to express their concern for the environment and raising awareness of some of the environmental issues they would like resolved”.

All in all, a great experience for all involved.