GCSE English – ‘Perfect Piece’ Awards

Recently, our GCSE English students had their second opportunity to enter a fantastic College-led creative writing competition called the ‘Perfect Piece’

Huge congratulations must go to the three winners; Johnathan, Megan and Keira, whose judge’s comments are below:

1st Place: Johnathan North

Johnathan’s article called “Game Over for Video Games? Are they really that bad for you? “ is fluent, controlled and sophisticated. It contains an impressive range of ideas and persuasive techniques which explore the topic beyond a student’s perspective. He considered the impact imagery and font has on the reader and as a result, created a highly engaging piece. A very worthy winner!

Read Johnathan’s winning piece here.


2nd Place: Megan McMahon

Megan’s article on Animal Trophy Hunting has considered both the points for and against the argument topic and developed a sustained and emotional piece in support of banning hunting animals for the purposes of sport.

3rd Place: Keira Chambers 

Chosen because her piece on Social Media offered a cohesive structure and it is clear that Kiera has applied her revision and editing skills during lessons.

Well done to everyone who entered!