HE Access and Participation Statement

BCA’s commitment to Access and Participation in Higher Education (HE) is derived from the diversity of the communities that we serve and demonstrated by the value that we place on the range of experience and diversity represented by our HE students.

To ensure the broadest possible access to and participation in our specialist HE programmes at BCA, we support our Further Education (FE) learners to progress onto our higher education programmes and we extend our reach beyond the College to secondary schools, sixth form/FE Colleges and employers, welcoming all prospective students irrespective of background, gender, age, ethnicity, disability or any other factor.

The College HE Strategy and Admissions Policy sets out clearly BCA’s commitment to fair access. As part of the admissions process, the College provides comprehensive information, advice and guidance (IAG), setting transparent criteria for entry to programmes, and welcoming applications from students with non-traditional backgrounds and work-related experience.

The admissions process is overseen by the HE Registrar, who liaises with all Programme Leaders to ensure a cohesive approach to admissions through consideration of students’ prior achievement and experience, career aspirations, and individual learning and welfare needs. Prospective HE students are interviewed to assess their suitability for higher level studies and their chosen programme of study, as well as to identify any required study skills support and, where appropriate, the need for any wider student support from our Student Services team.

Our overall objective is to ensure that BCA provides a range of specialist programmes relevant to the needs of employers in an environment where there is equality of opportunity and mutual respect for all, thus allowing us to adhere to the core principles of our Mission Statement for Higher Education:

“Providing transformational Higher Education, designed to challenge and grow; equipping students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve, lead and inspire in their chosen career.”

To download a PDF version of the BCA Higher Education Access & Participation Statement, please click here.