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For Businesses

There has been a fundamental shift in apprenticeships, as we move from the older Frameworks to new Apprenticeship Standards, but what does this mean in the real world? What are the benefits of taking on an apprentice?

Apprenticeships are ideal for businesses that wish to grow or explore new potential opportunities and your company can benefit from cost-effective training for the apprentice, increased productivity and competitiveness and improved retention.

The cost of the apprenticeship will depend on whether you are a levy- or non-levy payer and the age of the apprentice, but each apprenticeship Standard falls into a funding band. For example, a Level 2 Horticulture apprenticeship attracts funding up to £5,000 and the Level 2 Arborist up to £15,000. But here’s the great part, if you are a non-levy payer you generally pay 5% of the funding price.

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