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ALFIE – Yoga & Meditation Advanced


Course Overview

The aim of the Yoga class will be to help you to focus on linking breath and gentle movement to help you feel relaxed. The class will also help you to start to increase your flexibility as you move gently between the yoga poses.

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Tue, 01 Jul 2025

Entry Requirements

The class will be fun and relaxed and is accessible for those who have already completed the beginners yoga course at Langley, or an equivalent external...

Course information

Yoga,and Meditation, focusing on breath work and exploring different Yoga poses. On this advanced course you will also explore in more detail the different poses and the benefit of the poses.

Some of the yoga poses have funny names, like ‘cat and cow’ so you can come and find out how to move like a cat (what do you think this pose would look like?)

We will also learn some simple yoga breathing techniques to help us during the course – breathing is a powerful tool in managing our emotions, energy levels, feelings.

36 Weeks From September 2023 to July 2024

Courses are structured with easy to follow instructions and demonstrations. The time is split into manageable tasks with regular breaks and opportunity for social interaction. Students are encouraged to work independently and with others.

All of the yoga poses will be gentle stretches and you can use a belt and yoga props to help you move in and out of the poses.

Students will all follow a Learning Criteria delivered over the year, assessments will be through tutor lead practical, classroom based activities and observations in class.

Entry Level NONE Non regulated SFA formula funded provision, Entry Level, Sport, Leisure and Recreation, 69 to 92 hrs, PW B

All of our courses are aimed to support students develop their employability skills and life skills. Where courses are set a different levels you may which to progress onto the higher level the following year.

Entry level

Start date Tuesday 5th September 2023
End Date Tuesday 2nd July 2024
Start Time 10.00am
End Time 12.15pm

Location: BCA

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