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Cook and Eat Together

About the Course

The aim of this course is to learn more about cooking healthy meals that don’t cost too much and to try some new foods. You will improve personal, social and employability skills. 

You will learn how to cook a variety of different foods from around the world and work out how much they cost. Each week you will cook two courses, either a starter and a main course or a main course and a dessert. You will then sit and eat these together with your group. Over the duration of the course you will try lots of new foods and comment on whether you like them or not.

More information

There is some theory work on the course. Each week you will learn about an aspect of food safety or health. Topics include Kitchen Safety, Food Safety and Storage, Eating Healthily, Food Groups, Being Price aware when shopping and Food Allergies. You might carry out group exercises, complete worksheets, try different foods or make posters to achieve this.

Most of all we love to have fun whilst we are cooking and sharing food together!