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Aerial Rigging 21-09 CS41

About the Course

This course leads to the assessment for the Level 3 Award in Aerial Rigging Operations – this used to be called CS41. This is the 2-day course (plus 1-day assessment) designed for experienced operators and guides you through safe work positioning and safe cutting/rigging of horizontal and vertical sections; you will also be discussing peak loads in the system and how these can be minimised.

Further course dates

  • 25-27 March 2020
  • 20-22 May 2020

Contact us on 01628 827317 for further information and availability.

More information

Please call us on 01628 827317 if you have any queries regarding this course, or would like to book.

  • Please note that you MUST hold CS39 / Unit 308 / 0021-08 before booking on this course
  • We can hire rigging equipment and PPE if required – please call us on 0162 882 7317 to discuss this if needed