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Lantra BTI Basic Tree Survey & Inspection


Course Overview

This training is designed to help learners recognise hazardous trees as part of your other duties and then report what has been seen to an appropriate person. It is not expected that learners will have a detailed knowledge of tree biology, legislation or any other specific arboricultural specialism. The job of carrying out a detailed tree inspection to determine its condition, must be done by someone trained and competent to do so. Specialist equipment may be needed as well as knowledge of, and competence in, biomechanics, pathology and legislation.

The course is aimed at a wide group of people, for example you could be employed as a local authority highway inspector, or work in the forestry, woodland or arboricultural field. You could be a park ranger, or work on an estate, it may be that you are a farmer or other type of landowner; it could be that you are an employee who has the responsibility for trees in the course of their work. Additionally our course could be useful if you work with trees in a voluntary capacity.

We currently have course scheduled on the following date:
8th April 2024

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Course information

 Health and safety  Risk assessment  Legal framework  Collecting the information  The limits and scope of the surveys  Hazardous trees

1 Day

Although this training course is mostly classroom based, trainees will be expected to be able to look at a range of trees outside to develop some of the ideas discussed in the classroom. Individuals with mobility problems or any medical condition that could impair their own health and safety must report to the instructor prior to starting the course.

We’ll guide you through the process with
a balanced mix of theory and practice.

A practical session identifying hazardous
trees will also form part of the course.

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