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Social Media & Online Awareness

About the Course

This course is aimed at creating a level of awareness around the pitfalls and issues that accessing social media can bring especially to those who are more vulnerable. Students will be guided through different tasks each week, working independently and in groups to achieve a greater understanding. 

Students will also be given the opportunity to work with multimedia, developing their IT skills. This course will also help enhance the student’s communication and employability skills.


More information

Working step by step you will be shown how to access online material safely, how to keep your personal information safe, you will be able to find and participate in chat rooms, use Facebook and Instagram. Moving on from that we will take photos and videos and learn different ways of editing them and sharing them with others. The main aim of this course is to equip you with the skills you will need to safely and confidently use the Internet in your free time. The Internet offers a lot of information and together we will find the best bits!