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Rabbit and Mole Control Trapping Techniques

Course Information

The course is suitable for those new to trapping rabbits and moles or anyone who wishes to develop their skills further in the techniques used to control them effectively. Aimed at Agriculture, horticulture, sports turf, and related industries where rabbits and moles may pose a nuisance causing damage to crops and turf. Integrated training and Assessment.

Without proper control, rabbits and moles can cause major damage to crops and turf. Our course covers the key skills required to trap and control these animals without the use of chemicals. You’ll gain the knowledge needed to plan and carry out rabbit and mole control.

Duration one day (may vary depending on experience and numbers of attendees). On completion, you will receive a Lantra certificate of training.

Additional Course Dates:

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More information

This is an integrated training and assessment course. You’ll receive a certificate of training once it’s completed.

We’ll outline the biology of rabbits and moles to give you a clear understanding of why the animals need to controlled.

You’ll learn key legislation including preventative and curative methods as well as how to implement and monitor the right control programme, everything will be backed up by comprehensive practical activities.

Course sessions and what will be covered:

  • The importance and biology of rabbits
  • The importance and biology of moles
  • The legislation associated with rabbit and mole control
  • The use of physical methods in rabbit and mole control.
  • Identify rabbits and moles and the typical symptoms of the damage caused
  • Identify the degree and source of the infestation for rabbits and moles
  • State the legislative obligations and responsibilities relevant to the control of rabbits and moles
  • Describe the lifestyles, habits, and habitats of rabbits and moles
  • Plan, implement and monitor an effective control programme for rabbits and moles
  • Select and carry out the most appropriate methods of rabbit control, in line with current legal guidelines and recognised good practice
  • Ensure that all control operations safeguard humans, creatures, plants, and the environment.