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World Culture

About the Course

The aim of this course is to learn more about the physical landscape, weather, culture, music, language, animals and food from different countries around the world; and to improve personal, social and employability skills.

You will learn this through experiencing a variety of media and discussing with the class what you thought.

Entry Requirements

To attend this course, you should be happy to write short sentences that can be copied from the board to complete fact sheets about different countries.

More information

Each week you will learn about a different country, aiming to complete a fact sheet so you can learn 10 new facts about that country. To do this you might watch video clips showing the capital city, landscape, food and animals from that country, try on traditional clothing, try different foods or learn about the extreme weather or natural disasters that occur there. Some weeks you will visit the BCA Zoo to learn about the animals from the country you are studying.