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Online Enrolment

Coming to college can be a big step, so we aim to make your introduction to life at BCA as easy as possible.

Here is all you need to know about starting your course in September 2022, using the BCA Enrolment app. This information is for all current BCA students, who are progressing onto a new course and for all our new students, who have applied to study at BCA and have received and accepted a CONDITIONAL OFFER. Students who have not received a Confirmed Offer will not be invited to online enrolment. 

Level 3 returning students, who already have their English & Maths GCSEs
You will be sent an email inviting you to enrol online via the Fast Track Enrolment app

You won’t need to book an appointment to come in to meet your tutor. Once you have given us the relevant information and completed all the sections in the Fast Track Checklist, we will be able to enrol you onto Year 2 of your course. 

Your tutor will advise you of your first day of term and when you come in on that day you’ll be given your ID badge and can pick up your Travel Pass. Payment for the Travel Pass can be made online via the app or when you come into college.

The deadline for Level 3 returning students to complete the online Fast Track Checklist is 12th August

If you don’t complete all the sections by then, we won’t be able to enrol you onto Year 2.

Level 3 returning students, who are waiting for GCSE results  

You will be sent an email inviting you to enrol online via the Fast Track Enrolment app and you will also need to book an appointment to come into college, with your GCSE results, to meet with your tutor. The email will give you all the relevant instructions on what you need to do, these are laid out in  Stages 2 to 4, below.

Enrolment at BCA is split into 4 Stages:

If at any point during this process you want to talk to a member of the team, please feel free to email or call 01628 824444 where someone will be happy to help.

Stage 1

Apply, attend an interview, receive and accept a Conditional Offer

If you are a new or progressing student and have applied for a place at BCA for Sept 2022, and received a Conditional Offer letter or you are a Level 3 student awaiting your GCSE results, you will be sent an email in July, with instructions on ‘How to Enrol’ and how to access the BCA Fast Track Enrolment app

In preparation for online enrolment, you first need to look at the bottom of this page for your chosen Department, where you will find information about studying at BCA and all your course requirements.

Once you’ve received your ‘How to Enrol’ email, you’ll be ready to move onto 

Stage 2 to start using the online BCA Fast Track Enrolment app.

How to login to the BCA Fast Track Enrolment App

Are you a new student? You need to set your password before you start the enrolment process Click here to set your BCA password.  (Please watch this video, which shows you what to do).

Are you a returning student? Please use your current password.

To log in, your username is your BCA Student ID-

Stage 2

Give us information about yourselves via BCA Fast Track Enrolment app 

The BCA Fast Track Enrolment app is an easy way for you to give us information about yourself before you come in to enrol face to face with your tutor at BCA. In these COVID times, it reduces the number of people coming into BCA for Enrolment and it speeds up the whole process.

The online BCA Enrolment app on this website is secure and the information you give us will be fully protected. You will be able to read about this in the BCA Privacy statement, which is the starting point on the Checklist for your online enrolment. 

When you log into the Fast Track app it will take you to the Fast Track Checklist 

This Checklist has lots of sections. Each section has its own instructions and asks for bits of information, to help us to build a picture of you and your enrolment, before you come in to meet your tutor, finish your enrolment and get your ID badge. 

All these sections in the Checklist must be completed before you come into BCA for your appointment and before you can fully enrol onto your course.

You will be able to upload a photo of your ID and GCSE certificates/ Results sheet via the Enrolment app. If you have any problems trying to do this, you can send them to us directly instead, using the email address.

You don’t have to do it all in one go, you can log in and out as many times as you like and all your information will be saved each time you come back! It’s more important that you get it right, so take your time!

What if I’m having trouble filling in all the sections? – Don’t worry, complete as much as you can and then make sure you book your appointment to come into BCA. When you come in, there will be people at Enrolment who can help you to complete any sections you’re having difficulty with, so you can finish off your Checklist at BCA.

Stage 3

Book an appointment to come into BCA to meet your tutor and complete your enrolment

Now that you’ve hopefully completed your Fast Track Checklist or got as far as you can with it, you need to book yourself an appointment to come into BCA to meet with your tutor. There is a link in your How to Enrol email or you can click HERE to take you to the BCA Enrolment Calendar.

Every Department has their own fixed days for enrolment so make sure you find your Department first to see when you’re expected to come in. Then decide which day and time suits you best and book your appointment by clicking on the blue square. You will also be asked for your phone number and email address.

What if I can’t come in when it’s my Department’s day to enrol? –  That’s not a problem. We also have spare appointment slots on Friday 2nd September in the morning, specifically for all Departments, so you can book an appointment on that day too. But be quick, the spare appointments go fast!  Click here to book your appointment on the BCA Appointment Calendar

Appointment booked! Now you’re ready for Stage 4, to come into BCA and complete your enrolment 

Stage 4

Come into BCA to meet your tutor and complete your Enrolment

COVID-19 – Please note, if you or any member of your family are feeling unwell or experiencing any signs of the virus, please do not come in to BCA to attend your appointment. Stay at home until your symptoms have passed and let us know that you are unable to keep your appointment. 

If you are unable to keep your appointment due to COVID, Please don’t worry, you will still be able to enrol for your course at a later date, and come to college once the term has started.

Congratulations you’re nearly there! This is the final part of your enrolment process.

When it’s your BCA appointment day, make sure you come in on time and also make sure you only bring ONE person with you. Because of COVID we’re keeping numbers in the college to a minimum so we’re only allowing you and one other person to come into college. 

All the enrolment sessions are by appointment only, so you won’t be able to just turn up, you must book yourself an appointment first.

Once you’ve booked in, we’ll look through your Checklist and make sure we’ve got everything we need, then we’ll send you off to meet your tutor, who’ll get you enrolled onto your new course and you’ll have your photo taken for your ID badge. 

Things to bring with you on your appointment day

  • Original GCSE/A Level/Qualification certificates or results slip, the most recent ones, especially English & maths grades. You can also upload these through the app on the website or send them to us, using the email address. 
  • Your National Insurance number
  • An original form of ID – birth certificate, driving licence or passport (No photocopies please). As with your results, you can also upload these through the app on the website or send them to us, using the email address.
  • Payment for fees (if applicable). If you are aged between 16-18 on the 31st August, you are exempt from tuition fees. Students aged over 19 may incur tuition fees. Please contact Reception prior to enrolment on 01628 824444 if you have any concerns
  • Payment for your Travel Pass (if applicable). Payment can be made by cash or card or via the Transport app in the BCA Enrolment app.

After you’ve been enrolled onto your course, you will be given an ID badge and you will be able to pick up your Travel Pass from our Transport team. If you have any course costs to pay, you will be required to visit the Finance team. The Bursary team will also be available to assist you and talk about any Financial Assistance that may be available and there will be tutors from the English & maths teams and someone from the Additional Learning Support (ALS) to discuss ACCESS arrangements with you. 


Student Enrolment Charges

PDF · 239.54kb


Who’s enrolling when?

DateDayTimeSubject & Level (where appropriate)
24/8/2022Wednesday9am - 12pm

1pm - 5pm
Foundation Studies E1, E2, E3

Foundation Studies - Level 1, Supported Internships, Progression for Learning, Progression for Work and Transition to Employment, GCSE Study Programme

25/8/2022Thursday9am - 1pm
2pm - 5:30pm
Sports Studies, Protective Services and Outdoor Education
Sports Studies, Protective Services and Outdoor Education
26/8/2022Friday9am - 12pm
1pm - 4pm
Animal Management

Animal Management and Applied Sceince

Animal Management, Business and Horticulture

Motor Vehicle and Agriculture
31/08/2022Wednesday9am - 12pm

1pm - 5pm
Media Production and Performing Arts

Art & Design , Production Arts and Sports Studies
01/9/2022Thursday9am - 12pm

Health & Social Care and Equine Studies

Early Years and Equine Studies
02/09/22Friday9am - 12pm

All subjects (if you cannot make the date/time specified above)

Choose your course

CourseJoining instructions
AgricultureView instructions
Animal ManagementView instructions
Art & DesignView instructions
Applied ScienceView instructions
Business StudiesView instructions
Early YearsView instructions
Equine StudiesView instructions
Foundation StudiesView instructions
Health & Social CareView instructions
HorticultureView instructions
Media ProductionView instructions
Motor VehicleView instructions
Outdoor EducationView instructions
Performing ArtsView instructions
Production ArtsView instructions
Protective ServicesView instructions
Sports StudiesView instructions

Student uniform

SubjectWhere to go
Sports Studies (non-academy)Club Web Shop
Sports Studies: Rugby & Netball AcademiesHawkinsport
Sports Studies: Football AcademyMUFC Direct
Protective ServicesClub Web Shop
Outdoor EducationMUFC Direct
All other subjectsGoyals