Student Welfare

Alongside tutors and teachers, our students can also count on the support of our Student Services team, including our Student Development Officers (SDO’s), for a wide range of issues and enquiries.

The SDO team are available Mon-Thurs: 9.00am-5:00pm and Fri: 9.00-4:00pm.

The team believe that with the appropriate support, all students have the same opportunity to succeed. Therefore a wide range of professional support is available from specialists providing one-to-one or group support, as required.

If a student requires support to address issues not necessarily related to college life, they can book appointments with our dedicated and supportive staff. Pastoral support is offered including counselling support from organisations that specialise in helping to support young people.

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Adam, Student Development Manager





Richard, Senior Student Development Officer





Natasha, Student Counsellor  & Designated Safeguarding Lead




How we have helped…

“The SDO’s have been amazing in setting up BCA Foundation Football. Its the highlight of my week.  We get to compete against other colleges, go on trips and feel really good about ourselves, even if we lose.”  Foundation Studies Student

“Without the regular support & guidance of the welfare team and the SDO’s I would not have progressed from L1 Sport to L3 Sport.  I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have won ‘most improved’ student in my year.”  – Sports Studies Student

“Tasha, the college counsellor has been a massive support to me.  She allowed me the freedom to talk and never judged me. Through her ongoing help, she has given me the strength to get through some very difficult personal situations and succeed on my course” – Horticulture Student

“The Anger Management Workshop which I attended for six weeks last year has really helped me to stand back and evaluate my actions.  I am now a much calmer person who is in control of his emotions.” – Motor Vehicle Student