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Attending College


What should I do if my son or daughter is going to be absent?

Attendance is a key component of your son or daughter’s ability to succeed and reach their full potential whilst studying with the College. All courses have been designed so that students acquire knowledge, information and experience, in classroom or workshop environments, so attending all classes is vital.

There is significant academic research which shows that attendance directly affects the grades that learners achieve, therefore BCA expects all students to achieve 94% attendance during one academic year. Students should not arrange routine doctor or dentist appointments or driving lessons when they should be attending classes, and holidays must not be taken in term time.

Please encourage your son or daughter to attend all lessons, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Students can report their absence by completing the form below. Once submitted, this form is automatically sent to their subject area to notify them of the absence. Please ensure this is completed by 8am (at the latest) on the day of absence, and each day of absence thereafter. Please only hit the submit button once:

Student Absence Reporting Form

Student absence form.
  • This number begins 300____
  • Please select your subject of study from the drop-down menu above. You must select the correct subject area to ensure the right department is notified of your absence.
  • Please ensure you input the date you are recording your absence for in this field, not your date of birth.
    If you need to leave further details, or selected 'Other' from this list, please complete the field below.
  • Please supply us with any necessary information around your absence. If you selected 'Other' in the last question, please give the reason here.