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Meet the Team

Alongside tutors and teachers, our students can also count on the support of our Student Services team for a wide range of issues and enquiries.

The team believe that with the appropriate support, all students have the same opportunity to succeed. Therefore a wide range of professional support is available from specialists providing one-to-one or group support, as required.

If a student requires support to address issues not necessarily related to college life, they can book appointments with our dedicated and supportive staff. Pastoral support is offered, including counselling support from organisations that specialise in helping to support young people.

Estella Roberts

DSL Student Welfare & Safeguarding

Anne-Marie Hayward

Designated Safeguarding Lead 2

Joanne Harbron

CLA (Children Looked After) & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Adam Robinson

Student Development Manager

Richard De Goede

Senior Student Development Officer

Jack McDonagh

Student Development Officer

Jan Dexter

Student Development Officer

Emma de Goede

Head of learning support

Martina Smith


Sue Walden

Assistant SENCO

Rachael Quinlan

Specialist tutor for Inclusion

Luke Dexter

Specialist tutor for Inclusion

Julianna Copland

Specialist tutor for Literacy

Brigid Pope

Specialist tutor for Literacy

Andrew Mills

Specialist tutor for Numeracy

Babar Masood

Specialist tutor for Numeracy

Natalie Vale

Senior Learning Support Assistant

Amy Heath

Learning Support Administrator

Kirsty Clark

Learning Support Administrator