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Information for parents/carers Teacher Assessed Grades 2021

This week students who are due to complete their programme of study in the Summer
of 2021 will be informed about the assessments that will be used to determine the
Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG – previously called Centre Assessed Grades) in each of
their subjects. They will be asked to confirm that the work being used as evidence is all
their own work and to inform us if they have any concerns about the evidence being

Legitimate concerns may include the following:

1. A student has been assessed by the Additional Learning Support team as
requiring access arrangements for examinations (such as extra time, the use of
a scribe or reader, etc.) and these were not offered for one of the timed
assessments being used as evidence. Students should only raise a concern if
they believe that this disadvantaged them in the assessment.

2. A student’s performance in one or more assessments was affected by personal
circumstances, such as illness or a traumatic experience at the time of sitting
the assessment.

All information submitted by a student will be checked and recorded by their tutor on
their ILP.

If the concerns raised by a student are judged to be legitimate then one of the following
options will be applied by subject staff assessing TAGs:

● The assessment is retained, but BCA will take the circumstances raised into
consideration when arriving at the final grade as would be the case with an
application for special consideration under normal examination conditions.

● An alternative assessment, if available, will be identified to use as a

● The assessment is ignored when arriving at the final grade providing all Key
Assessment areas are sufficiently covered.

BCA will decide on an overall grade for each student taking into account all of the
identified assessments and any legitimate concerns and special considerations. A
student’s final grade is not an average of all of their grades but will be arrived at
following careful consideration of their performance throughout the course. All relevant
information will be considered to arrive at a fair final grade; for example if they achieved

low grades early on in the course, but are now consistently working at a higher grade
they can be awarded the higher grade.
Please remember that BCA is not allowed to give any indication of the final grade
students might receive. Please do not ask them, as doing so may be considered
exam malpractice.

The process we are using to generate TAGs will be scrutinised by the exam boards over
the next few weeks to ensure that we are following government guidance and our
Centre Policy will be made available on the College website shortly.

Teacher assessed grades will be uploaded to the exam boards by 18 June 2021.
Results will be emailed to the students BCA email address on the day of release and
hard copies of results will be posted out and should arrive the following day.

Every student will have the right to appeal their grade if they wish. Appeals are unlikely
to lead to an adjustment in grades where the original grade is a reasonable exercise of
judgement supported by robust evidence.

Please be aware that grades can go up or down based on an appeal.


TAG Policy Summer 2021

PDF · 178.28kb