BCA Football Academy

The BCA football academy will consist of around 20 players and will run parallel to our Maidenhead United Academy. The BCA Football Academy will act as the development squad for the Maidenhead United Squad.

Gothia cup

Although the players within the BCA Academy will not receive all of the benefits that the Maidenhead United Academy players receive they will still receive:

  • At least 6 hours of coaching every week
  • Fixtures every Wednesday in the Tactic Football League Premier Division
  • Coaching from UEFA Licenced coaches
  • Specific goalkeeping coaching
  • Sports science testing 3 times per season
  • Video analysis of home fixtures

As a college we firmly believe that education comes first. So any players who do not hand in their assignments on time or who fall below the high standards we expect for behaviour and attitude will be suspended from playing until they hand in their assignments or their behaviour and attitude improves.

We have a direct pathway from our academy to the Maidenhead United first team who play in the Conference South League. Our job is to develop players so that they will be prepared to play at that level when they leave BCA.

We will be regularly reviewing players performance and development and we will be looking to promote the best players within the BCA Academy into the Maidenhead United Academy.

How Much Does it Cost?

Being part of the BCA Football Academy is free. You will receive all the coaching and support you need without having to pay for it. The only things we ask you to pay for is your BCA kit which is used for both football training and practical lessons within your course.

How do I Get Selected?

We will be running a number of trials over the course of the year to assess players and determine which level would be best suited to your development as a player. Remember that there will always be opportunities for players to be promoted to the Maidenhead United Academy if they have the correct attitude and talent.

How Do I Apply?

To be part of the academy you must be enrolled on a full time course here at BCA. When you apply to join a course here at BCA your details are saved and you will receive an email from the Head of Football detailing what times and dates the trials will be held. Please ensure you enter a regularly monitored email address when you apply so you do not miss out.

If you have any further questions about the academy or just want to know more about what is involved then please contact our Head of Football, Aaron O’Brien on aobrien@bca.ac.uk or call 01628 827425.