For Employers


  • As soon as the student provides us with your contact details, we will write to you confirming the arrangements along with a brief outline with the students course details. If this is the first time you have provided a placement position for a student we’re sure you understand we will have to complete Health and Safety paperwork. This appointment takes approximately 30 minutes. Most importantly we will need your employer’s liability insurance details.  During this appointment we can address any questions or concerns about the students Work Placement.
  • For the student to successfully complete there course they must comply with the fixed amount of hours set by their course awarding body, this differs from each course.
  • During the placement a representative from our Work Placement team at BCA may visit to assess how the student is progressing and would appreciate it if a supervisor could participate. This will not take up too much of your time.
  • Our student has a logbook/diary to complete about there placement. This will be helpful to you as it will outline what areas and skills to be covered. You will need to confirm details within this document.
  • Should our student not attend for any reason they have been given a directive to contact you in the first instance. They will then have to also contact the Work placement team here at the College.
  • Should you have any concerns whilst the student is with you please contact us on the numbers below.

Contact us

Tricia Whitehouse
Work Placement Manager
Phone: 01628 827323
Mobile: 07789 265726

Wendy Sturges-Cook
Work Placement Officer
Phone: 01628 827458
Mobile: 07789 267596

Jason Gosney
Work Placement Officer
Phone: 01628 827506
Mobile: 07789 905894

Natalie Portsmouth
Work Placement Administrator
Phone: 01628 827440