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The Industry Placement (IP) team are looking forward to working with you, supporting you through the IP process and helping you to select and secure a meaningful and rewarding IP.

As part of Beyond BCA, our office is based downstairs in the Learning Centre building. You are very welcome at any time or you can make an appointment to discuss your placement.

BCA has a dedicated Industry Placement department at the College. As part of your study programme at BCA, all students undertake some form of industry placement. We work with companies across the sectors our courses cover to provide you with outstanding opportunities in industry. Placement enriches students in many ways – it gives you the opportunity to see your industry in action and puts the skills you have learned into practice gaining you valuable working skills and experience.


Top 5 Reasons Why Industry Placement is Important

  1. The Study Programme – Your IP is part of the study programme so is a compulsory module on your course
  2. Networking – You’ll meet people at work and might attend meetings or events. You’ll make contacts that could provide a reference or help you in the future
  3. Apprenticeships – When applying for an apprenticeship, your industry placement will give you the opportunity to stand out and showcase your skills in a competitive market. A placement may also lead to an apprenticeship or future employment.
  4. University – It is important to stand out when applying for university. Work placements and volunteering will provide you with an opportunity to showcase your skills in your chosen subject
  5. Self Confidence – Working with other people in your chosen industry will help build your confidence.

We have over 2000 employers in our database and always welcome more. These are employers we trust and have worked with previously, ranging from small-scale, local operations to multinational businesses. There is a placement for everyone and we are dedicated to making sure you get the right one for you.

Click here to visit our dedicated website and once enrolled you will be able to access your online dashboard to organise your placement.


Contact the Industry Placement Team

Contact the Industry Placement team on the details below:

NameContact EmailTelephoneMobile NumberSubjects
Tricia 82732307789 265726Industry Placement & Careers Manager
Niki 82744007483042712Industry Placement & Careers Assistant Manager
Kerrie 827516N/AOffice Manager
Adrian 82745807789 267596Industry Placement Adviser:
Early Years, Health & Social Care
Gabby 82753207484 098837Industry Placement Adviser:
Sport, Outdoor Education, Creative Arts
Amy 82756707484 098839Industry Placement Adviser:
Motor Vehicle, Foundation
Kim 82750607483 140380Industry Placement Adviser:
Animal Management, Equine Studies, Applied Science
Rosie 82732607827 446771Industry Placement Adviser:
Business Studies
Linda 827495Careers Manager