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Animal Management

The animal care sector is broad and thriving, worth around £1billion to the UK economy. There are over 13,000 businesses and 78,000 employees. (Source Lantra)

Animal Management at BCA

Our Animal Management courses have a strong vocational emphasis with both theoretical and practical training working to industry standards. You will work with a variety of species and develop skills that include appropriate handling/interaction and training techniques. Our courses have a strong emphasis on animal sciences such as biology, nutrition, health, anatomy, species management and genetics.

Over the last few years, our Animal Management Centre (AMC) has received extensive investment which has transformed it into one of the UK’s best college animal management facilities. In addition to this, the AMC has worked tirelessly creating industry links that will benefit the learning of our students and provide an experience that is invaluable for them to be able to develop their own practical skills.

The AMC houses around 1,400 individual animals consisting of 140 species. The five sections of the Animal Centre are: The Exotics House, Small Mammals & Kennels, Farm Livestock, Zoo and British Wildlife.