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Animal Studies

About the Course

At BCA there are over a hundred different animals to get up close to. Whether it is fluffy, feathered, furry, smooth, big, or small animals that you love, you will be sure to find it here. You will learn how and what to feed them, how to handle the animals correctly, and how to interact with animals and lots more. 

This is a hands-on course. After some fun learning activities in the classroom, you will put on your overalls and wellie boots, as each week we will head off to work with the animals on the farm or zoo. If you are looking to learn about working with animals or you just want to learn more about them then this is a great course for you!


More information

If you are interested in any of the courses, please contact Ann Guile on 01628 827552 or email so that she can meet you to discuss your choices.