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About the Course

The aim of this course is to develop personal, employability, social and horticultural skills.

You will be working on speaking and listening, remembering facts, how to be safe, and improving fine motor skills while working with seeds and small plants.

You will be thinking about how to ensure the sustainability of the allotment. 

You will get the opportunity to talk to those working in the local area in horticultural roles.

Course modules include – 

  • Understand how to prepare and maintain soil condition, 
  • Understand Health and Safety Rules, 
  • Grow plants from seed, 
  • Harvest produce,
  • Begin to understand employability opportunities, 
  • Recognise ways to promote sustainability, 
  • Understand the importance of planning and crop rotation

More information

If you are interested in any of the courses, please contact Ann Guile on 01628 827552 or email so that she can meet you to discuss your choices.