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Equine Interview Process

All levels

The course will cover a range of theory and practical units relating to different aspects of the equine industry. Most equine courses are four days a week in college with Level 3 learners & BHS learners completing weekends on the BCA Equestrian centre. Our courses are considered full time so there is an element of independent study and assignment work for them. All courses include a minimum of one exam with the length and subject determined by the level. 

The interview will include a ride assessment on a schooled horse. We will ask you to walk, trot and canter on both reins looking to see a balanced position maintained in all three paces and through transitions. The purpose of the ride assessment is to ensure you are safe to ride in a group of up to 8 riders and also that you are at a suitable base level to progress through the riding elements of your course. The second half of the interview will discuss how the study program is  made up, the different units, assessment methods and potential progression routes. We will discuss what makes a successful student on the specific course, and any additional needs or support required for you to be successful on the course. A member of the ALS team may also be present to discuss any learning support needs.

You will need to  come dressed to ride – this must include an up to BHS current standards riding hat, gloves, hairnet and boots. All jewellery and piercings must be removed for you to access the equestrian centre. You will not be able to ride without the removal of all jewellery and the correct equipment.

All interviews will be face to face and include a ride assessment.

You will require the following uniform and PPE:

– A riding hat to the current standards of PAS015, ASTM F1163, SNELL E2001 AND AS/NZS 3838 are required. All hats will be checked and tagged prior to riding and any deemed old, worn or dangerous must be replaced before students will be allowed to ride.

– A back protector to the current standard (Level 3 2018) is required for all pole work, jumping and hacking lessons, students are also welcome to use these for flat sessions if they wish.

– Gloves are compulsory for all practical and riding sessions and for internal work experience when leading/handling  horses.

– Hair nets are compulsory for all riding and groundwork sessions.

– A short jumping whip and a long dressage whip for riding lessons. – 2-3 pairs of dark plain colour jodhpurs for everyday use (no bright or patterned colours). – BCA polo shirts and jumpers/rugby shirts must be worn for practical, riding lessons and internal work experience days. NO hoodies, leggings, vests or jeans are allowed on the yard at any time.

– In wet weather over trousers and full chaps are of course permitted for yard sessions. Uniform is purchased online from:


Learners are reminded that NO jewellery or body piercings are permitted whilst on the yard, during practical lessons or riding lessons. Earrings/studs MUST be removed and cannot be covered with tape/plasters. We do not allow students to carry their phones during any practical sessions unless a prior agreement has been sought from the tutor. There are lockers available on the yard for all students to safely store their belongings during practical sessions. Please bring your own coded padlock on your first day to be allocated a locker. Long nails are not permitted therefore false or real nails should be no longer than the fingertips. Learners will not be allowed to participate in any practical session with long nails, they will be sent home immediately and will be required to make up any missed sessions.


All learners are required to be Gold members of the BHS you will be asked for your BHS membership number at enrolment.


Trips are payable throughout the year and are dependent on the specific course.


Finally, please be aware we have a weight limit of 15 stone which is inclusive of riding equipment and the horse’s saddle. Should you go over this limit during your time at BCA you will no longer be able to ride however you will participate in sessions from the ground. As we do not have non-riding options on our courses it is imperative you are able to ride during your time at BCA to progress towards the riding assessments effectively. Learners are weighed at interview, each term and during induction for the above purpose.

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If you wish to make any amendments to your interview, please log back into your Student Portal, and choose ‘rearrange’ and select and alternative date and time.