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Media Production Interview Process

All levels

Our study programme covers a wide range of media platforms and genres. Projects include: Film and TV, Advertising, Sound and Audio, Print Media and Interactive Media/Online Platforms.

Interviews will be 30 minutes long and we will review media content you may have created. You will be asked questions about your interest in the subject and what you would like to do post-college. A member of the ALS team may also be present to discuss any learning support needs.

You should bring an example of media-related work you have created. This can be school/college work or something you have created outside of school/college (YouTube channel etc.). If you have an EHCP, you will also be met by the ALS (Additional Learning Support ) Team to assess your needs.

Your interview will be face to face. 

There are at least three trips each year and for some, the College will ask for a financial contribution. These include Studio visits, Location Recces, Cinema and Museums.

If you wish to make any amendments to your interview, please log back into your Student Portal, and choose ‘rearrange’ and select and alternative date and time.