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Our Mission

As a specialist land-based, inclusive college, BCA acknowledges responsibility for its environmental impact in business practice and potential to affect positive outcomes through community and educational engagement.

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Environmental Objectives
  1. Identify and measure the most environmentally impactful campus practices through annual environmental audits
  2. Implement carbon reduction SMART goals, derived from annual audits
  3. Practice and improve, where possible, resource efficiency
  4. Ensure waste is managed to reduce landfill waste and maximise re-use and recycling of products.
Communal Objectives
  1. Raise awareness of environmental challenges and sustainable practices, amongst students and staff
  2. Involve the College community in achieving the College’s Sustainability SMART goals
  3. Collaborate with Third Party services and suppliers to measure and reduce negative environmental impact of business practice
Economic Objectives
  1. Implement cost reduction SMART goals, derived from aforementioned annual audits
  2. Share awareness of current sustainability issues and college strategy with stakeholders
  3. Develop current and new relationships with environmental & energy partners where possible


Sustainability Policy

PDF · 82.4kb


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report

PDF · 885.63kb


Report Appendices

PDF · 154.91kb