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RHS Booking Terms & Conditions

The standard College policy is that tuition fees are non-refundable​; however refund of tuition fees may be considered in the following circumstances whereby a request must be made in writing: 

i) When the College cancels a course; 

i​i) If, at the discretion of the Principal, as the result of a complaint, the College is found to be at fault. 

i​ii) If students who have paid the fee are not able to attend the class for exceptional reasons e.g. long-term illness. (Students may have to provide evidence to support the claim and may be asked to attend a medical examination)

All other requests for fee refunds will be at the discretion of the Director of Finance and will only be approved in exceptional circumstances and BCA retains the right to charge a £25 admin fee for processing refunds. 

Refunds will not be given when a student simply stops attending the course.

Where a student defers their course with the intention of returning the following academic year any tuition fees paid will be transferred over to the following year.

Where the refund request complies with i) – i​ii) the Finance Departments will calculate the amount of the refund and the Director of Finance will authorise the request where appropriate.

The College plans for RHS courses to be taught face to face onsite however we reserve the right to switch to online teaching if circumstances beyond our control dictate that this is necessary. BCA will not be liable to refund course fees should this occur.

In the event of a dispute about liabilities or refunds, the decision of the College Principal will be final.

The start and end dates of the courses are when we expect the courses to start and end. Disruptions to teaching such as those caused by the pandemic may cause these dates to alter slightly. In these circumstances, all the course content required for candidates to be successful in the qualification will be covered.

Statutory rights will not be affected.