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Work and Life Skills

About the Course

The aim of this course is to develop and learn new life and work skills. Through the course topics and work experience in the college shop, you will build confidence and gain work experience to enable you to access employment elsewhere.

Topics will include being healthy, keeping safe, personal and home hygiene, budgeting, traveling, writing a CV, and interview skills.

There will be some trips to consolidate the learning and to see other people at work.

You should be confident to carry out some written and numerical activities and to work independently and in small groups.

Entry requirements:

To attend this course, you should be happy to write short sentences that can be copied from the board and complete worksheets on work and life skills

More information

Topics for this course include keeping healthy, healthy eating, personal and home hygiene, keeping safe, independent travel, writing a CV, interview skills, and budgeting.
There will be sessions with external visitors such as a dentist and first aid training and there may be trips to places of work in line with the syllabus such as the fire station, bank, and other venues.
The course also includes work experience in the college shop on a rotational basis.